The Annie T. Doe Memorial Academy is a Ministry of the Annie T. Doe Memorial Foundation Inc.,

Our Mission is to empower today’s generation of children for a better tomorrow.  The Annie T. Doe Memorial Academy opened the doors to the school in 2014 to 75 underprivileged children in Buchanan, Grand Bassa County, Liberia. Over the past 5 years, we increased enrollment by 400%, from 75 students to 310 as of September 2019. Every child deserves the right to a sound education.


Our Goal is to stop the epidemic of illiteracy among the children in marginalized communities by providing them FREE primary Christian-based education from pre-K through 6th grade.

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Annie T. Doe Memorial Foundation Inc., Women Empowerment initiatives


»ANNIE T. DOE MEMORIAL FOUNDATION realizes that empowering a woman is the most successful tool to rebuild a nation. Young girls and single women are especially vulnerable and living with uncertainties post the 14 years of civil war in Liberia. The fragile economic situation leads them to have multiple partners and engage in unwanted sexual relationships as a means of survival. These women and girls have little access to, and control of, economic resources therefore their interests and opinions are rarely represented at the local level.


Women Sewing & Growing in Business Due to lack of formal education and lack of proper financial and business acumen to support their ventures, the women of Liberia are limited in their dreams to become successful entrepreneurs. Program offers 24 weeks of intensive sewing training, and positions women to become self-reliant entrepreneurs upon graduation.

Girls Computer Literacy is a program that integrates technology into the classroom to promote social change, productivity, economic growth and create employment opportunities for the under served woman.

Women Micro Financing Initiative provides interest free loans for women to start small businesses. Focused is also placed on basic business management training regarding budget and expense management and how to become a better entrepreneur leveraging limited capital.

Annie T. Doe Memorial Foundation Inc., through its lead entity, The Annie T. Doe Memorial Family Health Center
»Provides FREE health facility and basic health care services to women and children of marginalized communities that allow them to get immunized, free annual physical check-up, (i.e. Blood pressure, diabetes, annual physical, immunization, STT prevention, Hygiene education).

We sponsor a scholarship program open to graduating seniors in the local Charlotte Mecklenburg area. We are also partnering with local schools to foster the awareness of young children to the lives of Liberian children, which includes a pen-pal program.

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