In Fall 2012, ATDOEMF will open a world-class tuition-free primary school in post-war Liberia for less privileged children and orphans in Buchanana, Grand Bassa County, Liberia. These children come from impoverished communities that could never afford to give them this educational opportunity. You can make a difference in the lives of these children. Your $300 provides them with a scholarship to cover their academic needs at the ATDOEMF Academy. This includes the fees for a uniform, school supplies, books, and lunch.
The ATDOEMF Academy will board 200 students, starting with grades kindergarten through six grade, adding a new grade each year, ultimately expanding the school to grade 12. You can start a lasting relationship with a student who will be among the first to graduate from the ATDOEMF Academy, the second school of its kind in this post-war African nation. Envisioned by our FOUNDER, Saya Doe-Sio who appreciates the resilience of less fortunate in society as education made the difference for her. Academy is designed with local Liberian architect in conjunction with the Ministry of Education in Liberia.
You can choose to be either a visible sponsor or an anonymous sponsor. A visible sponsor is known to the child as his or her “God mother” or “God daddy,” and receives his or her child’s grades, photographs, and letters at least twice a year, and he or she can also send letters and care packages to the child. Anonymous sponsors remain unknown; you choose your level of involvement.
Every child has a promising future and your gift can bring the best out in that child and make a life time difference