Our Mothers Matter – Give A Gift of Hope



After six months of intense training, 30 women will be graduating from the Annie T. Doe Memorial Foundation Sewing Program at the end of December.
The average family in Liberia lives in abject poverty and earns less than $1.00 a day. With the new sewing skills, these women have potential to earn average of $5.00 a day and improve the living conditions of their families. To empower these women to start their own business, each will need a sewing machine and a tool kit which they simply cannot afford.


As you celebrate the miracle of Jesus Christ this Christmas, please consider this opportunity to provide a small miracle in the life of another. Our goal is to raise $10,000 to provide a sewing machine and toolkit to each of our Sewing Program graduates.


A gift of $100 will cover the cost of one tool kit. A gift of $200 will cover the cost of a single sewing machine. For $300 you can empower a woman to start her own business creating a new opportunity for her entire family in 2017 Please keep this unique opportunity in mind and even consider a donation as a gift as you are shopping for the holidays.


For each gifted donation of $100 or more, both the donor and gift recipient will receive a photo and personalized “thank you” message from the Sewing Program graduates. This is one gift that could truly change a life forever.

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