The Annie T. Doe Memorial Family Health Center is being built on a 2 acres of land owned by the Late Annie T. Doe. This property represents one of the two houses that the late Annie T. Doe lived and raised and educated her nine children, several grand children and other children in the community in the midst of Poverty. Our Founder and CEO, Saya Doe Sio, is the last of Annie T. Doe nine children born and raised on this property until 1998 when she immigrated to the USA. This property signifies LOVE, FAMILY & GREATNESS. We at the Annie T. Doe Memorial Foundation are very grateful and salute the nine children of Annie T. Doe: Sarah Doe, Ruth Doe-Reeves, Daniel Doe, Philimenia Doe-Nelson, William Doe, Jacob Doe, George Doe, Togba Doe and Saya Doe-Sio, for donating the property to the foundation for such a great cost.
The Annie T. Doe Memorial Family Health Center will build on the standards available in these communities to make available health facility for the purpose of delivering FREE basic health care services to women and children of marginalized communities that allow them to get immunized, free physical check-up, i.e. Blood pressure, diabetes, annual physical, STT prevention, Hygiene education, etc. The Center’s goal is to help to improve Liberia’s mortality and morbidity rate by making health services easily accessible to over 5,000 women and children in marginalized communities. The most important outcome is to improve the Infant and child mortality in Liberia, which is among the highest in the world. This approach has the potential to empower these communities to make the appropriate shift themselves for the better without having to conform to the prevailing atmosphere of hopelessness and despair