We sponsor a scholarship program open to graduating seniors in the local Charlotte Mecklenburg area. We are also partnering with local schools to foster the awareness of young children to the lives of Liberian children, which includes a pen-pal program.

Read more about Our Pen-Pal Program and Community Scholarship Program (These two programs should be hyperlinks and folks click on them, they can read the following details:


Community Scholarship Program As part of the foundation’s commitment to serve the Charlotte, North Carolina community, the Annie T. Doe Memorial Foundation provides financial assistance to graduating high school students in the Charlotte community. We work closely with administers from West Mecklenburg and Zebulon B. Vance High Schools to provide scholarship awards to graduating seniors who plan to continue their education beyond the 12th grade. Recipients are selected by participating in Essay Contest where they share stories about the who or what behind their inspiration.

Prosper U and Annie T. Doe Academy Pen Pal Partnership

The Prosper U Pen Pal partnership will establish a “pen pal” relationship between the students of Prosper U at First Church, Charlotte, and the students of the Annie T. Doe Academy in Liberia, West Africa.


The Pen Pal partnership is designed to:

  • Connect children to peers who live in a different part of the world and provide them with a broader world and cultural perspective.
  • Enable a Christian based cultural exchange among students who have distinctly different cultures, live in very different environments and who have access to a vastly different set of resources.
  • Challenge students to find commonalities with others who on the surface, may seem very different than them or their friends
  • Encourage students to understand the feelings and heart of others and search for empathy, compassion, admiration, kindness and respect in people from different walks of life.
  • Reinforce the Christian principles of love and gratitude in the hearts of Prosper U students when they observe the impact of opportunities they received at birth compared to the Academy students and their families in Liberia.
  • Improve student writing and reading skills and promote creativity and storytelling through letter writing and correspondence among student pen pals.


How the Program works:

The PU volunteers help the students write letters, draw, take pictures and record videos introducing themselves to the students of the Annie T. Doe Academy.


After the PU students write their letters, volunteers scan and email them and a video to the school administrator at the ATD Academy to share with the students.   The students of the Academy undertake a similar exercise and scan and email their students’ letters, pictures and videos back to Prosper U.


About Prosper U

Prosper U is a FREE Wednesday evening program offered at First Church Charlotte for kids in grades K-8 who attend for 1:1 tutoring, mentoring, fun & games – PLUS a great dinner!


We also partner with The Park Church to impact future leaders of the community.