About the Annie T. Doe Memorial Academy:
The Annie T. Doe Memorial Academy is a Ministry of the ANNIE T. DOE MEMORIAL FOUNDATION serving under served children through its tuition free primary education programs. The Academy is a 6,000 square ft. learning facility recently constructed on a 2 acres of land in Sugar Cane Farm, Lower Buchanan, Grand Bassa County, Liberia, where our Chairman and Founder, Saya Doe-Sio, was born and raised.

Our mission is to empower today’s generation for a better tomorrow by providing a Christian-based education to under-privileged and marginalized communities. We exist “To equip students to serve God in the 21st century by providing an excellent academic program founded upon a biblical worldview.”

The Annie T. Doe Memorial Academy is called by God to provide equal, quality, and holistic Christian based educational opportunities for the young generation by developing and utilizing their God given talents and expertise. We work in collaboration with the Ministry of Education of Liberia to fulfill our mission.

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The foundational objective of the Annie T. Doe Memorial Academy education programs is to provide enriched Christian based education for all students from kindergartner through six grade. We are prayerful that those who will benefit through this system of education will develop a deep name of service and commitment to God and humankind as Christ teaches us to do.

What guides us?
God’s word as revealed in the biblical scriptures guides us. Matthew 6:33 says “Seek ye first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things shall be added unto you.”

What do we believe

  • Christian faith is the basis for all endeavors of the school as we seek Christ first in all that we do. (Matthew 6:33)
  • We believe that all subjects should be taught through a biblical worldview.
  • We believe that Christian education is a collaborative effort among the home, church, and school.
  • We believe that the primary goals of Christian education are the salvation and discipleship of the next generation, and must have an eternal perspective.
  • We believe that success at ATDoe is measured not only by the student’s leadership, personal excellence, and integrity, but moreover by their life commitment to Jesus Christ.
  • We believe in an academically stimulating environment that will fully prepare students to meet the challenges they will be faced with in their future.
  • We believe students have varied learning styles. As they are engaged in the learning process, we provide a variety of instructional strategies to support their learning.
  • We believe that each student is created in God’s image and possesses unique physical, social, and academic needs.