my first bible


We are seeking your sponsorship to launch”My First Bible project” at our school in Liberia, West Africa by March 2018 during our first mission’s trip. My First Bible Project hopes to raise funds to purchase 250 Bibles for students and staffs at the Annie T. Doe Memorial Foundation academy.


We are building Christian soldiers through our educational programs. Placing Bibles in the homes of these children will help reinforce the biblical values they learned at school. Most families in under-served communities do not have funds to purchase Bibles.


Through this program, we will not only teach the students about the Bible but also give each student and staff Bibles for their use.


The estimated cost of Kids Bible is $17.65 each per the Beginner Bible. We are hoping to ship the Bibles by end of December to arrive in time for our mission’s trip in March of 2018. Thank you for helping us build stronger communities through Christian education.


Please donate to this worthy cause!