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Women Micro Financing Program provides interest free loans to empower women to start small businesses. Focused is also placed on basic business management training regarding budget and expense management and how to become a better entrepreneur leveraging limited capital. Program kicks off with a 1 day workshop focused on budget and expense management and simple business techniques. At the end of the workshop, each woman receives a certificate and interest free loan to support their initial business proposal.  Women are great leaders.  Empowering a woman is the most successful tool to rebuild a nation. Click the following link to view some BENEFICIARIES’ TESTIMONIES.  Help to improve the lives of many more women and children today by MAKING A DONATION.


 Liberian Women Profile:
According to the Ministry of Planning and Economic Affairs’ statistical reports and studies (1995), the illiteracy rate (average) of males is 60%, and for females 74%. Overall, the illiteracy rate in Liberia is 67%. With an increasing number of women being heads of household, that is, an increase from 16-19%, the assumption is that a large number of illiterate females pose a critical factor in the entrenchment of poverty for women and their families. This situation is a major bottleneck to the development of Liberia.
The late Annie T. Doe was included in the74% Liberia illiterate women rate but depended solely on her entrepreneur skills to fend for herself and nine children. She was at her best when funding was available to finance her business. For many years she went in and out of business due to lack of financing. Over 65% of our Liberian illiterate entrepreneur are facing similar problems and lack available financings to venture and substain their businesses.
As a first step towards a long term solution, we are working with the Ministry of Planning to identify 1,000 women in Buchanan, Grand Bassa County. These women will be the first pilot of our Micro Financing effort to receive $100 US per person totalling $$10,000. We are building basic financing tutorials to help broaden these 1,000 women Financial Management knowledge
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