Women Sewing & Growing in Business Program Updates


With the partnership of the ROZALIA Foundation and various sponsors, we are impacting the lives of hundreds of young girls and women in Liberia, West. One of our goals is to continue to empower more girls and women to restore their social and economic status and break the cycle of poverty that have plagued many. We believe that empowering a woman is the most successful tool to rebuild a nation.


Due to the increasing number of women as heads of households, the assumption is that a large number of illiterate women may perpetuate the entrenchment of poverty for themselves and their families, which may result in major bottleneck to the development of Africa. We believe this epidemic can gradually be eradicated if women and young girls are empowered through skills training, financial independence, and formal education which will enable them to be better positioned to lead and become better citizens 


Women Sewing & Growing in Business


Women benefiting from the intensive sewing training learn the art of sewing, techniques for using sewing tools and equipment, temporary and permanent stitches. Students also master the most common seams, taking measurements, preparing and making pattern alterations and ability to produce their own products.


Interactions in the Women Sewing Training Classroom

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