The educational system of Liberia has been gravely weakened by the ravages of the twenty years civil crisis. Consequently, the damaged infrastructure, the brain drain, inadequate logistics, teaching and learning materials all contribute to the difficult learning condition for the Liberian child. As such, the various educational institutions are finding it difficult to effectively cater to the educational needs of the country. The current global economic crisis is further exacerbating this alarming enrollment statistics. Such educational profile has graved implications for Liberia’s development; and the current global economic crisis is not helping the situation. Many, including educational scholars and world leaders have indicated that only through education will the African continent, and its sons and daughters, be able to meet the demands and challenges of the 21st century.
In a recent speak made by Her Excellency, Madam Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf, President, Republic of Liberia, she called out to the greater communities, the Diaspora to help educate Liberia future leaders, the less privileged children whose future are being wasted without EDUCATION. As a first step toward a long-term solution to the educational problems in under-privileged communities in Liberia, the ANNIE T. DOE MEMORIAL FOUNDATION is placing a major emphasis on facilitating free basic primary education for 200 less privileged children in Sugar Cane Farm, Grand Bassa County and its surrounding areas for over a 25-year period. The foundation goal is to move these programs objectives across the 16 counties in Liberia then across Africa in the near term future. The enrollment of school-age children and women literacy rates in these communities are virtually zero, while almost none of these children and families can access basic health care services. These are the reasons we have joined forces to stop the epidemic of high illiteracy rate among little children by first enrolling over 200 young Liberians from pre K through 6th grade in the Annie T. Doe Memorial Academy.
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