According to the Ministry of Planning and Economic Affairs’ statistical reports and studies (1995), the illiteracy rate (average) of males is 60%, and for females 74%. Overall, the illiteracy rate in Liberia is 67%. With an increasing number of women being heads of household, that is, an increase from 16-19%, the assumption is that a large number of illiterate females pose a critical factor in the entrenchment of poverty for women and their families. This situation is a major bottleneck to the development of Liberia.
It is this huge investment in education and WOMEN EMPOWERMENT PROGRAMS that the Annie T. Doe Memorial Foundation (ATDMF) seeks to preserve the future of women and children in under-privileged communities. We are helping to provide ENRICHED Women/Girls’ education, to promote their completion of high school, similar to the United States GED program and Microfinance initiatives.
With so much value placed in education AND WOMEN EMPOWERMENT, it is critical to support the foundation’s partnership with local, national and international leadership while employing a coordinated donor approach.
Through these projects, the Foundation will build on the standards available in these communities to deliver educational programs to enhance the positives in the prevailing culture and challenge the negative culture to change. This approach has the potential to empower these communities to make the appropriate shift themselves for the better without having to conform to the prevailing atmosphere of hopelessness and despair. It is a cost effective way of reducing the burdens of poverty on society and encourage the development and utilization of local resources within under-privileged communities.
Empower a Women today put smiles on the faces of many children